What happens — or should happen — to your content plan as search engines get smarter, user behavior changes, and competition for attention on the web is fierce and continually growing? This session discusses strategies for search optimization and conversion optimization for websites where the breadth of content is vast, the barrier to conversion is high, and conversion happens only after multiple visits. As an example, we will review takeaways from content strategy projects intended to drive admissions at major universities.
After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a data-driven content plan and information architecture for content-heavy sites
  • Map your content to the actual needs of your users
  • Build an SEO strategy and write content that’s not reliant on outdated practices
  • Understand how design and user experience play a role in both conversion optimization and search optimization
  • Describe how machine learning and behavioral data are changing the conversation around information architecture and content creation
  • Use tools to assess and analyze content