Brand vs. Demand: How to Boost ROI via a Full-Funnel Content Strategy

Is your content strategy unbalanced? For most marketers, the answer is yes – with content skewing heavily lower funnel. However, by neglecting the upper funnel you could be missing out on revenue. Showing up earlier in the decision journey means marketers can earn buyers’ attention and trust while both are still very much earnable – before buyers move lower in the funnel with a competitor. How can marketers find the right balance between brand gen and lead gen content to boost overall ROI? Attend this comprehensive session to discover actionable strategies for building an effective full-funnel content strategy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Align content to intent, with best-in-class examples for inspiration
  • Apply creative formatting tips to build brand distinction and boost engagement
  • Leverage an actionable value-add worksheet to brainstorm and design your own full-funnel content plan