Jill Kaplan

CEO and Co-Founder
Escape Velocity Inc.
Jill Kaplan - Escape Velocity Inc.

Jill has led marketing, sales, and channel teams at Cisco and IBM. She likes to build big sustainable sales and marketing engines to create pipeline, which converts into revenue. Her engineering background brings an analytical as well as disciplined approach to her efforts. Jill started her career as an engineer in semiconductors but moved to the sales side where she worked with research universities and colleges. Finding she really enjoyed the business side, she expanded to marketing. Jill has been focused on building analytically driven B2B revenue across multiple channels, direct and inside sales, SaaS companies and large and small integrators. She has been working with FIRST.org (https://www.firstinspires.org/) for the last five years where she dramatically expanded the FTC program in the NC Triangle. At Escape Velocity, Jill is leading the business strategy, marketing, and communications development. She is also very excited to be a part of the new generation of women entrepreneurs creating jobs and insights for her customers. After a rewarding career in corporate life, she is now trailblazing the path of entrepreneurial endeavors that few from corporate tech have ventured before.